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Santa hasn't been able to arrange many grotto visits this year, due to the social distancing regulations that are in place, so we are offering an opportunity for children to receive a personalised letter and gift from 'him' instead.

Provide us with some details about your child when you order, and we will compile a special personalised letter for them, featuring original festive artwork. This will be delivered, along with the gift, to the address you nominate (details will be requested at checkout) on 13 December (or as close as we can manage).

We have three different letters on offer, with four different coloured backgrounds, so siblings can have a completely unique letter from Santa. Letter 1 is recommended for children aged 2-6, letter 2 for children aged 4-8 and letter 3 for children 7-11. Gifts will be age appropriate.

Delivery within East Grinstead is free of charge, and will be made by our volunteers. If you live outside East Grinstead, please add a delivery item to your order (one delivery item per Santa Package).

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    Rebecca Ching Smith


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    Sally Cooper
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    Year Rep for Y2 & Storesperson

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    Lucy Carey
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    Penny Duly
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    Year Rep for Y1

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    Sarah Everson

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    Kizzy Stoner
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    Year Rep for Y4 & Y5

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    Kate Fennell


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    Emma Ewing

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    Brad Silby

  • Jacquie Cullen

    Jacquie Cullen
    (Nearly New Uniform)

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    Jessica Courtney


Thanks to our Christmas fundraising, the totaliser is looking increasingly healthy! Please continue to support our PTA through these strange and challenging times.

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