Photo Exhibition
Photo Exhibition
Sarah Everson.
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Sarah Everson.

2020 from the Perspective of the Children of Halsford Park

Families of the pupils at our school are invited to submit photos, either taken by their child or another family member, that illustrate the child's experience of the pandemic and/or lockdown. We hope to make the images into an exhibition, both at school and online, that will document 2020 from the children's perspective.

Photos should be emailed to the usual PTA email address, by the closing date of 16 November 2020. 

Textile Recycling Bank
Textile Recycling Bank
Sarah Everson.
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Sarah Everson.

Now available for donations!

We have taken delivery of a textile recycling bank, which will be permanently available for donations of unwanted but reusable clothing and accessories.

The following items are accepted:

  • Reusable clothing
  • Accessories bags, belts, hats and paired gloves
  • Paired shoes
  • Bed linen sheets and duvet covers
  • Towels
  • Sleeping bags

Please do not donate any of the following: 

  • Clothing with a school or work logo
  • Damaged or stained items
  • Unpaired shoes or gloves
  • Cushion covers, blankets or curtains
  • Toys

The recycling bank will be located under the bikesheds, next to the driveway. When bringing donations, please still follow the school's one way system and observe social distancing. If the bank is full, please take your items back home, and contact us as soon as possible so we can arrange for it to be emptied.

We will receive 30p/kilo towards our fundraising for all acceptable items that are donated.

Amazon Smile
Amazon Smile
Sarah Everson.
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Sarah Everson.

Please support us as your chosen charity

We would love every one of you to support the Friends of Halsford Park via Amazon Smile.
With Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday coming up, as well as Christmas approaching, it would be amazing if a slice of your spending could benefit the school.
It costs you nothing and is really easy to set up - especially now we have a handy tutorial to show you how! Click here

Introducing Our New Committee
Introducing Our New Committee
Sarah Everson.
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Sarah Everson.

Our new team has been voted in for 2020/21

This evening, we had our first ever virtual AGM, on Zoom. We said a fond farewell to our outgoing Committee members, and can now officially unveil our shiny new Committee for 2020/21:
Co-Chairs - Rebecca Smith and Claire Winslade
Vice Chair - Sally Cooper
Treasurer - Emily Brooks
Vice-Treasurer - Lisa Harris
Secretary - Sarah Everson
Y1 Year Rep - Penny Duly
Y2 Year Rep - Sally Cooper
Y3 Year Rep - Emi Daniels
Y4 Year Rep - Kizzy Lei Stoner
Y5 Year Rep - Kizzy Lei Stoner
Y6 Year Rep - Emi Daniels
Grants Fundraiser - Kate Fennell
Secondhand Uniform Co-ordinator - Jacquie Cullen
Designers - Emma Ewing and Brad Silby
Committee Member - Jessica Courtney
We continue to be supported on the PTA by Mrs Spencer, Miss Loftus, Miss Myles, Mrs Gibbons and Mrs Lucas.

PTA Meetings
PTA Meetings
Sarah Everson.
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Sarah Everson.

Join in and have your say

The Friends of Halsford Park AGM is being held on 3 October 2020. Once this is done and dusted, and we have our new 2020/21 committee, we will resume our monthly(ish) committee meetings, on the following dates:
8 October
12 November
3 December
7 January
4 February
4 March
6 May
10 June
8 July
For the foreseeable future, these meetings will be at 7:30 in the evening, and will be held virtually, on Zoom. If you would like joining details for any of these meetings, please email All parents, carers and teachers with links to Halsford Park School are welcome to attend.

More Charity Face Masks
More Charity Face Masks
Sarah Everson.
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Sarah Everson.

Masks now available on Etsy!

Following the success of the face masks we have been making for the local community in East Grinstead, we are now offering masks for sale on Etsy.

All of the masks being sold online are premium fabric and made to order, in child and adult sizes. Check out the selection here:


What’s on

Pumpkin Trail
09:00 - 17:00 on 31/10/2020

Your Committee
  • Rebecca Ching Smith

    Rebecca Ching Smith


  • Claire Winslade

    Claire Winslade


  • Sally Cooper

    Sally Cooper
    (Vice Chair)

    Year Rep for Y2 & Storesperson

  • Emily Brooks

    Emily Brooks

  • Lucy Carey

    Lucy Carey
    (Class Rep)

    Year Rep for EY

  • Emi Collis

    Emi Collis
    (Class Rep)

    Year Rep for Y3 & Y6

  • Penny Duly

    Penny Duly
    (Class Rep)

    Year Rep for Y1

  • Sarah Everson

    Sarah Everson

  • Kizzy Stoner

    Kizzy Stoner
    (Class Rep)

    Year Rep for Y4 & Y5

  • Kate Fennell

    Kate Fennell


  • Emma Ewing

    Emma Ewing

  • Brad Silby

    Brad Silby

  • Jacquie Cullen

    Jacquie Cullen
    (Nearly New Uniform)

  • Jessica Courtney

    Jessica Courtney


Our fundraising efforts for 2020/21 are off to a good start! Please continue to support our PTA through these strange and challenging times.