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Christmas Non-Uniform Day

Further Information

Kids are invited to come to school wearing a Christmas jumper or outfit in return for an optional donation to FOBS.

So it's time to get your Christmas on and dig out those jumpers!


You can donate via a bucket collection which will take place on the day at the school gate, or make a donation online here (scroll down for the form).

The default 'price' is set to £2, but you can amend to the amount you'd like to give and, if you can, add Gift Aid as you checkout and the school will benefit even more!


Tickets / Products
There are currently no products for sale.
Your Committee
  • Nicola Jenkins

    Nicola Jenkins


  • Rachel  Parker

    Rachel Parker


  • Victoria Lunn

    Victoria Lunn
    (Vice Chair)

  • Steven Roby

    Steven Roby

  • Charlotte Light

    Charlotte Light
    (Vice Treasurer)

  • Kirstie  Rolfe

    Kirstie Rolfe

  • Tania Chizlett

    Tania Chizlett
    (Sponsorship Officer)

  • Jonathan Crouch

    Jonathan Crouch
    (Website Coordinator)

    co-website coordinator

  • Lorraine Parker

    Lorraine Parker
    (Website Coordinator)


Amount raised so far this academic year:

Can you help?

We are always in need of help, whether small or large and are so grateful. Please email  if you can spare some time. Thank you so much!

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