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This page is dedicated to advertising parents’ businesses and raise the profile of your business within the Friends of Binfield School parent community. To advertise on this page please contact us at .

Friends of Binfield School offers this directory for informational purposes only. Neither the school nor Friends of Binfield School specifically endorses or recommends any business listed in the directory.

Your Committee
  • Joanne Maher

    Joanne Maher

  • Victoria Lunn

    Victoria Lunn
    (Vice Chair)

  • Claire Turner

    Claire Turner

  • Charlotte Light

    Charlotte Light
    (Vice Treasurer)

  • Hayley Hammond

    Hayley Hammond

  • Jessica Simpson

    Jessica Simpson

    and COMMS

  • Tania Chizlett

    Tania Chizlett
    (Sponsorship Officer)

  • Martyna Piatkowska-Goncalves

    Martyna Piatkowska-Goncalves
    (Nearly New Uniform)

  • Lisa  collins

    Lisa collins

  • Deborah Conneely

    Deborah Conneely

  • Karen Hardy

    Karen Hardy

  • Kate Hayes

    Kate Hayes

  • Purveen Hira

    Purveen Hira

  • Nicola Jenkins

    Nicola Jenkins

  • Gemma Jones

    Gemma Jones

  • Jackie Kelley

    Jackie Kelley

  • Alison  Melabie

    Alison Melabie

  • Rachel  Parker

    Rachel Parker

  • Jackie Rawes

    Jackie Rawes

  • Briarley Theunissen

    Briarley Theunissen

  • Naomi Winmill

    Naomi Winmill

  • Nick Foster

    Nick Foster
    (Website Coordinator)

  • Lorraine Parker

    Lorraine Parker
    (Website Coordinator)



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