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Why Join FOBS? 24/06/21
FOBS Committee Nomination Form 21/22 (word) 24/06/21
FOBS Marketing and Comms Coordinator Job Description 24/06/21
FOBS Sponsorship Coordinator Role Job Description 24/06/21
FOBS Website Coordinator Job Description 24/06/21
FOBS Secretary Job Description 24/06/21
FOBS Treasurer/Vice Treasurer Job Description 24/06/21
FOBS Committee Nomination Form 21/22 24/06/21
FOBS Newsletter Spring Term 2021 02/03/21
FOBS Newsletter - Autumn Term 2020 19/10/20
FOBS Vice Chair Job Description 22/09/20
FOBS Constitution and Governing Practices 25/07/18
FOBS Chair Job Description 13/06/18
Parent Helper Pack YR/1/2 infants disco 18/01/17
What is FOBS? 26/05/16
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Your Committee
  • Joanne Maher

    Joanne Maher

    and Nearly New Uniform

  • Kate Hayes

    Kate Hayes
    (Vice Chair)

    and Website Coordinator

  • Claire Turner

    Claire Turner

  • Hayley Hammond

    Hayley Hammond

  • Tania Chizlett

    Tania Chizlett

  • Lisa collins

    Lisa collins

  • Purveen Hira

    Purveen Hira

  • Nicola Jenkins

    Nicola Jenkins

  • Gemma Jones

    Gemma Jones

  • Victoria Lunn

    Victoria Lunn

  • Julie Nixon

    Julie Nixon

  • Lorraine Parker

    Lorraine Parker

  • Martyna Piatkowska-Goncalves

    Martyna Piatkowska-Goncalves

  • Jackie Rawes

    Jackie Rawes

  • Naomi Winmill

    Naomi Winmill

  • Deborah Conneely

    Deborah Conneely
    (Website Coordinator)

  • Nick Foster

    Nick Foster
    (Website Coordinator)

Can you help?

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