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Secondly, please ensure you add to your contact list or safe sender / white list.

Finally, if you are using an email service provider such as Hotmail or AOL please be advised that they restrict the volume of messages that can be received from a sender and therefore you should download your tickets from "My Account" section of the The Hayes School Association website.

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In the email is a PDF attachment containg all your tickets. Unfortunately, the IOS mail app has issues rendering PDF’s so although you can see an attachment icon you can’t actually see the PDF. You can download a copy of your tickets from the "My Account" section of the website or alternatively, download the email to another device as you’ll need to print them off to be scanned on entry.

About this site

The PTA-Events site is separate from the school. The Hayes PTA use the site because it is a practical and accessible way to organise PTA events and sales and offers an easy way for you to pay and us to keep track of purchases.

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The school and the PTA do not share your data with each other. Information you include on this site can be accessed by the PTA members with admin rights to the PTA-Events site (not all PTA members). By signing up on this site, you consent to this. The data you give us will never be disclosed by us to any other parties.

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It is helpful for us if you join the class mailing list for each of your children. You can do this whilst keeping your contact details private or, if you tick the box to share your details, the other parents in your class will be able to see phone number and email address as entered on the site. We have found this to benefit class reps and parents who are organising parties. It is completely up to you. By adding your child's details in this section, you consent to the PTA seeing this information and by ticking the 'share' tick box, you give consent to your class peers seeing it.

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What’s on

Spring Term School Discos
15:15 - 20:00
The Hall, The Hayes Primary School, Kenley

Your Committee
  • Danni Harrington

    Danni Harrington

  • alison  shepherd

    alison shepherd
    (Vice Chair)

  • Shameen Koleejan

    Shameen Koleejan

  • Alex Dyer

    Alex Dyer

  • Verity Morrish

    Verity Morrish

  • Vicky Barrett

    Vicky Barrett

  • Penny Bayou

    Penny Bayou

  • Louise Blackhurst

    Louise Blackhurst

  • Tia Bruce

    Tia Bruce

  • Fiona Burrows

    Fiona Burrows

    Volunteer coordinator and Lolly sales

  • Rebecca  Dash

    Rebecca Dash

  • Samantha Dodson

    Samantha Dodson

  • Alexia  Dupuis/hardy

    Alexia Dupuis/hardy

    Second hand uniform

  • Jo Durgan

    Jo Durgan

  • Flor Ferraco

    Flor Ferraco

  • Aly Foyle

    Aly Foyle

    Lost property

  • Samantha Grant

    Samantha Grant

  • Giada Gray

    Giada Gray

  • Kerry Hartigan

    Kerry Hartigan

  • Melissa Histed

    Melissa Histed

  • Veryan Hole

    Veryan Hole

  • Katie Hyneman

    Katie Hyneman

  • Sharon Judd

    Sharon Judd

  • Claudine Kemp

    Claudine Kemp

  • Judith Knight

    Judith Knight

  • Nicala Lawrence

    Nicala Lawrence

  • Dannielle MacMahon

    Dannielle MacMahon

  • Shahpar Mitchelson

    Shahpar Mitchelson

  • Christina  Murray-twinn

    Christina Murray-twinn

  • Jennie Pacioni

    Jennie Pacioni

  • Gillian Pearce

    Gillian Pearce

    Events listings manager



  • Francesca Raftery

    Francesca Raftery

    Trustee & Hayes Got Talent organiser

  • Angela  Royal

    Angela Royal

  • Michelle Rumble

    Michelle Rumble

  • Marisa Smith

    Marisa Smith

  • Nicola Thoroughgood

    Nicola Thoroughgood

  • Clare Weatherill

    Clare Weatherill

    Panto and Ball organiser

  • Emma Woolgar

    Emma Woolgar

Can you help?

We can’t put on these amazing events without your help. If you can help us, we still need the following volunteers:

Spring Term School Discos (Friday 01 February)

Help out at the Reception fun afternoon 15:10 - 16:25 2

Help out at the disco for years 1 & 2 16:25 - 17:40 1

Help out at the disco for years 5 & 6 18:55 - 20:10 4

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