My Nametags offer - School ID 37273 when ordering
My Nametags offer - School ID 37273 when ordering
Eileen Robinson
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Eileen Robinson

How to help the School PSA when you shop online...

My Nametags offer customisable sticky name labels. These durable labels stay where they are put and can be used on all material including: Sun caps, snack boxes, packed lunch boxes, water bottles, pe kits, trainers and wellington boots, football and karate kits too!

You can choose the background colour/pattern, the font style, what you want the text to say and add a picture to help make your belongings identifiable.





My Nametags will give us a small amount of commission with each order placed using our school ID: 37273
Simply enter on the page where you input your personal details.

One sheet of 56 stickers costs £11.95 plus £1 p&p (but you can often get a discount code by doing a quick Google).

School ID: 37273



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A big THANK YOU from everyone at Simon Balle All Through School for your support during 2019/2020 we held more events than ever. Please keep visiting our website for information on future events, as the school is growing so have the ideas for hosting some new types of events, we are really excited to be part of something special at Simon Balle All Through School.

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