Santa's Sleigh

 05/12/2020 (Sat) 
Further Information

Santa Sleigh Route 2020

Provisional Route

Start – Cedarwood Primary School, Wilkinson Drive.

Proceed left out of the school and take in the following roads:

Left into Halls Drift – into Nock Gardens.

Left onto Wilkinson Drive.

Left onto Ropes Drive.

Left into Adams Place; then out of here/ in & out of Dodson Vale.

Along Ropes Drive.

Left into Lummis Vale, left into Rowarth Avenue. Turn and return out.

Left onto Ropes Drive.

Right into Curtis Way – to end, and then return out.

Right onto Ropes Drive.

Right into Century Drive.

Follow around until right into Millennium Way and left into Terry Gardens.

Follow through until the end and left onto Hartree Way.

Left into Peacock Street.

To end and right onto Jeavons Lane.

To end and left onto Ropes Drive.

Time permitting – possible right into Battles Lane, Elmers Lane, Wilding Drive, Deben Valley Drive and The Lloyds – before a left into Wilkinson Drive and back to the school.

 Starting from Cedarwood Primary School - IP5 2ES

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