Welcome to the Parents and Friends of Cedarwood Primary School website

The aim of the site is to become a valuable asset to you, the parents, family & friends, the PFC and to Cedarwood Primary School.  Primarily it should become your main point of contact for PFC information and events.

There are many features of the site that you will no doubt want to explore and we encourage you to register to gain the full benefit of the site.  Features such as PFC news, information, fundraising and of course the fun events that are organised by the PFC for the enjoyment of the school children and family members.  All of these events are set up and run by parents of the school, giving up their time for free. Some events do require extra pairs of hands from time to time and hence the PFC may make requests for help from you the parents.  This is made easy through this website by the use of the volunteering portal where parents are able to sign up online to volunteer direct to event organisers.

In order to volunteer or purchase tickets you will need to register to gain access to this feature.  You will receive an email confirming your registration and once this email has been received, you will be able to access the full site facilities.

This website is a great feature that the PFC brings to Cedarwood Primary School.  There must be plenty of other great ideas out there for new events or ways to raise funds etc.

If you have questions, please email pfcedarwood@gmail.com for further details.


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We have a new target of raising £10,000 by the end of December 2019. This will be used by the school to purchase a new set of netbooks for use in the classrooms.

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