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Your Committee
  • Emma Kempton

    Emma Kempton

    Co-President of Executive Committee

  • Sharon Noble

    Sharon Noble

    Co-President of Executive Committee

  • Samantha Harris

    Samantha Harris

    Treasurer for Events and Executive Committees

  • Carly Kelly

    Carly Kelly

  • Emma Barber

    Emma Barber
    (Event Coordinator)

  • Hannah Green

    Hannah Green
    (Event Coordinator)

  • Cathryn Thompson

    Cathryn Thompson
    (Event Coordinator)

  • Simone Volpe

    Simone Volpe
    (Event Coordinator)

  • Georgina Faulkner

    Georgina Faulkner
    (Fete Co-ordinator)

    Co Chair of Summer Fete Committee

  • Laura Shaw

    Laura Shaw
    (Fete Co-ordinator)

    Chair of Summer Fete Committee

  • Oak Lodge - Sam Harris FSA - Admin

    Oak Lodge - Sam Harris FSA - Admin
    (Website Coordinator)

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