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Make a general donation to FOBG 2023-24

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The Friends of Bishop Gilpin (FOBG) exists purely in order to raise money for the school, to fundraise for things that cannot be paid for from the school’s own budget. Our aim is to provide items that enhance the experience of a child at school. In addition to providing the sole source of funding for the BG library, FOBG makes significant contributions towards whole school workshops, play and learning equipment and much more.

If you would like to make a donation at any time you can do so here.

Please note:
All donations are anonymous to the public. Members of the FOBG committee involved in the administration of collecting donations will be able to see the names and amounts of donors but neither donor names nor the amount donated will be made public.

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Make a general donation to FOBG 2023-24

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Every year, we aim to raise upwards of £30k, which goes towards providing facilities and equipment to advance the education of all children at the school. How this is spent each year will vary, however typically the FOBG will allocate circa £12k to the library; plus £2k to support workshops for the children and a further £2,500 for art resources.

Other funding will vary. The school will put forward funding requests, which are voted on by the committee. In the past funding has been allocated to items such as the music pod, front of school redesign, playground refurbishments and equipment.

Want to know more? Have some fundraising ideas? Come and join us at our next committee meeting!

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