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Events & Tickets

  1. Leavers Disco- Wed 17th July

What’s on

Year 6 Leavers' Disco 2024
17:00 - 19:00
St Mark's CE Primary School

Your Committee
  • Mike Evans

    Mike Evans

  • Oana  Marele

    Oana Marele

  • Laura  Bianchi

    Laura Bianchi

  • Timothy Blackmore

    Timothy Blackmore

  • Mark Everett

    Mark Everett

  • Viktoriya  Lane

    Viktoriya Lane

  • Rute Rosa Marsh

    Rute Rosa Marsh

  • Michelle  Scoble

    Michelle Scoble

  • Shara Wells

    Shara Wells

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2021-2022 Continuation of raising money for a new resin floor for the swimming pools surrounding area. With over £5000 being gifted to the school to pay for new outside learn and play equipment within the court yard, along with year 6's leaving disco and also providing new starters in reception with new PE T-shirts.

2022-2023 Fundraising supported the Jubilee garden at the front of school which was designed by a pupil in a competition ran by the S&PA. Funds where provided to help the school get three of our courtyards and play ground re-printed and vitalised with games and play areas. Funds have also been set aside to get the resin floor in the swimming pool as well as continued support by providing new PE. T-shirts for reception and paying for Maverlous me and our children's journals.

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