Break The Rules Day

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OK it's the last day of term and in return for a small donation (50p per rule)  for the playground improvements fund you can break the some school rules. Poor Mrs Bowen will be suffering. The rules you can break are:

1. Wear only school uniform
2. Bring a healthy lunch or
3. Have neat hair
4. No temporary tattoos
5. No nail varnish
6. Bring your bookbag or
7. Wear school shoes only
8. Fill your water bottle with
water only
9. Shirts must be tucked in
10. You must eat pudding last

Tickets / Products
 On sale in on 14/07/2021 at 22:00
 school - S032 2LY

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Unfortunately we don’t have any future events planned at the moment.

Your Committee
  • Abi Jardine-Skinner

    Abi Jardine-Skinner

  • Karen Webb

    Karen Webb

  • Dearbhla Hull

    Dearbhla Hull

  • Danielle Bottomley

    Danielle Bottomley
    (Publicity & Design Officer)

  • Tamasine Gardener

    Tamasine Gardener
    (Planning Committee Member)

  • Jennifer Segovia

    Jennifer Segovia
    (Planning Committee Member)

  • Helen Sierwald

    Helen Sierwald
    (Planning Committee Member)

  • Amanda Simpson

    Amanda Simpson
    (Planning Committee Member)

  • Paula Sumner

    Paula Sumner
    (Planning Committee Member)

  • Rachael Blake

    Rachael Blake
    (Nearly New Uniform)


Help us to raise funds to go towards the repairs urgently needed to make the playground apparatus usable again.

Can you help?

There are currently no tasks to volunteer for