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PTA Officer and Committee Roles

PTA Officer and Committee Roles

New Scotland Hill PTA

Officer and Committee Roles


  • Number: this can be shared by 2 people

Main purpose of the role

The Chair directs the PTA meetings, making sure everyones views are heard and everyone is involved in the meeting. He or she should make sure all committee members are familiar with the PTAs constitution, policies and their role and responsibilities as a committee member and trustee (all committee members are automatically trustees of our registered Charity).

Duties and key responsibilities

  • Prepares for meetings (with the Secretary)
  • Invites committee members, parents and staff
  • Suggests items for the agenda
  • Identifies outstanding items from last meeting
  • Prepares introductions for any new members attending
  • Sets the ground rules for meetings and makes sure they are inclusive and efficient
  • Delegates tasks to other members and volunteers, and checks they are completed
  • Liaises with the school and requests a wish list for the committee to agree what to fund
  • Ensures the committee fulfils its role in respect of governance of the PTA as set out in the constitution, for example holding an AGM, election of committee, working with the Treasurer to ensure annual returns are completed if the PTA is Charity registered 
  • Ensures any decisions made are clear, fit the objects of the PTA and by agreement of the committee as per your constitution.
  • The Chair cannot make decisions alone - all decisions are made by the committee as a whole.
  • Writes the annual report for the PTA (with the Secretary)
  • Signatory on the PTA bank account (along with at least one other committee member)
  • Making sure the PTA is GDPR compliant

Key skills

  • Confident and assertive able to control meetings and call to order when necessary, making sure everyone has an opportunity to speak.
  • Ability to remain impartial make sure contributions are brief and ensure everyones views are respected.
  • Calm, friendly and approachable as the main point of contact for the PTA for the school and parents the Chair must be inclusive and make sure everyone feels welcome.
  • Organised and able to delegate most PTAs have lots of activities going on and the Chair should make sure the workload is shared and tasks are completed as agreed.



  • Number: this can be shared by 2 people

Main purpose of the role

The Secretary supports the Chair to build effective communication links between the school and the PTA and maintains accurate records.

Duties and key responsibilities

  • Prepares for meetings (with the Chair)
  • Takes minutes at meetings, recording attendance, action points, decisions and proposals
  • Circulates approved minutes, along with a reminder of any actions agreed
  • Maintains PTA records
  • Making sure that the PTA is GDPR compliant
  • Updates trustee details with Charity Commission (as appropriate)
  • Assists the Chair writing the annual report for the PTA
  • Signatory on the PTA bank account (along with at least one other committee member)
  • Handles written and email correspondence received for the PTA

Key skills

  • Organised and efficient keeps accurate records in a format that can easily be handed over to successor.
  • Good listener able to identify key discussion points, actions and agreements at meetings to accurately record in minutes.
  • Calm, friendly and approachable able to communicate confidently with the school and committee.


  • Number: this can be shared by 2 people

Main purpose of the role
The Treasurer ensures accurate financial records are kept and best practice procedures are followed for counting money, banking and making payments. He or she should keep the committee updated with regular reports, and ensure end of year reports are completed for the PTAs AGM and the Charity Commission annual return.

Duties and key responsibilities

  • Keeps up to date and accurate financial records.
  • Presents financial updates at each committee meeting.
  • Manages the PTA bank account and holds the PTA cheque book.
  • Arranges changes of signatories on the PTA bank account.
  • Ensures all bank cards, cheque books and paying books are accounted for and obtained from any individual leaving the PTA.
  • Ensures best practice procedures for counting and banking money after events are in place and followed.
  • Makes approved payments.
  • Ensures procedures for making approved payments and claiming approved expenses are followed by all committee members.
  • Prepares annual treasurers report for AGM and arranges an independent examination of the PTA accounts.
  • Completes the Charity Commission annual return.
  • Manages Gift Aid (or assists the committee member responsible for managing Gift Aid).
  • Ensures adherence to any guidelines relating to cash in the PTAs Insurance Policy Summary.
  • Important: Charity law requires all charity trustees to prepare annual accounts for their charity.

Key skills

  • Basic understanding of book keeping  able to maintain accurate records of income and expenditure.
  • Organised with an eye for detail  big events involve counting a lot of small change. The Treasurer leads the money team, making up floats and collecting money from various stalls.
  • Calm, approachable and a team player  its a busy role. The Treasurer must be able to remain calm during busy times, and ensure he or she does not work in isolation by communicating regularly with the rest of the committee.


Main purpose of the role

To communicate and promote the work of the PTA.

Duties and key responsibilities

  • Work closely with the school office to circulate information to parents via email, website or text alerts.
  • Publicising PTA events and fundraising initiatives.
  • Design posters.
  • Ensuring posters are displayed around the school in good time.
  • Ensuring all information on PTA work is kept current and up to date


Committee Members work alongside the Officers.

Duties and key responsibilities

  • Attends PTA meetings
  • Gets involved in planning, owning and running events
  • Runs smaller projects
  • Encourages participation and enthusiasm for the events organised by the PTA
  • We want representation across all year groups. New parents to the school will be warmly welcomed.
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  • Rhianne Workman

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  • Kirsty Darcy

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    (Media Secretary)

  • Marit von Stedingk

    Marit von Stedingk
    (Communications Officer)

  • Jo Johnston

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    (Event Coordinator)

  • Jo Wood

    Jo Wood
    (Event Coordinator)


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We are need to continually raise funds to pay for some much needed day to day resources too due to the ever tightening school budget.

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