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Your Committee
  • Alex Pownall

    Alex Pownall

  • Amanda Pryor

    Amanda Pryor
    (Vice Chair)

  • Lenka Torok

    Lenka Torok

  • Andy Green

    Andy Green
    (Vice Treasurer)

  • Jessica Muirhead

    Jessica Muirhead

  • Sheila Tapster

    Sheila Tapster
    (Childrens Events Co-ordinator)

  • Sian Avery

    Sian Avery
    (Fete Co-ordinator)

  • Julie Ballard

    Julie Ballard

  • Debbie Hobbs-Burrage

    Debbie Hobbs-Burrage

  • Anna King

    Anna King

  • Helen Lawrence

    Helen Lawrence

  • Yvonne  Mansfield

    Yvonne Mansfield

  • Jane Robinson

    Jane Robinson

  • Caroline Stewart

    Caroline Stewart

  • Sarah  Tropman

    Sarah Tropman

  • Ben Peace

    Ben Peace
    (Dad's Army)


This year we are aiming to raise money to further develop our outside space. Can you help us reach this target??

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