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  • Stefanie Cosham

    Stefanie Cosham

  • Lianne Barrett

    Lianne Barrett
    (Vice Chair)

  • Lee  Kitson

    Lee Kitson
    (Vice Chair)

  • Nicola Penny

    Nicola Penny

  • Francesca Morris

    Francesca Morris

  • Beth Fitzgerald

    Beth Fitzgerald

  • Elizabeth Fraser

    Elizabeth Fraser

  • Emma-Louise Hamilton

    Emma-Louise Hamilton

  • heather  harper

    heather harper

  • Zoe Holzherr

    Zoe Holzherr

  • Rapinder Purwaha

    Rapinder Purwaha

  • Harriet Tyreman

    Harriet Tyreman

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Thanks so much for signing up to Your School Lottery - we've just received £107 from them! We've also raised £122 from our coaster and teddy sales and £95 from the Book sale, bringing our year to date total to £6,240.

Thank you!