Please click here and follow the instructions to request your password be reset. If you are still encountering difficulties, please email with more information and we will verify your registration then reset your password.

There could be many reasons why you didn’t receive an order confirmation email from us.

Firstly, please first check your spam or junk mail folder to check it hasn’t been filtered in there.

Secondly, please ensure you add to your contact list or safe sender / white list.

Finally, if you are using an email service provider such as Hotmail or AOL please be advised that they restrict the volume of messages that can be received from a sender and therefore you should download your tickets from "My Account" section of the Wallace Fields Infant School PTA website.

Yes. Please ensure you print your tickets so they can be scanned on entry to the event. Each ticket has a unique QR code on it which identifies you. We use sophisticated scanning technology which seamlessly synchronises scanned tickets to a central database. This way we can ensure that tickets are not fraudulently used multiple times and therefore we can keep your ticket price down.

If you purchased products that showed a QR Code you should have received an order confirmation email from Wallace Fields Infant School PTA using the following email address: .

In the email is a PDF attachment containg all your tickets. Unfortunately, the IOS mail app has issues rendering PDF’s so although you can see an attachment icon you can’t actually see the PDF. You can download a copy of your tickets from the "My Account" section of the website or alternatively, download the email to another device as you’ll need to print them off to be scanned on entry.

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