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  • Amy Moore

    Amy Moore

  • Djaama Davis

    Djaama Davis
    (Vice Chair)

  • Julie Moore

    Julie Moore

  • Elaine Thompson

    Elaine Thompson
    (Auction Coordinators)

  • Hannah Healey

    Hannah Healey
    (Nearly New Uniform)

  • Ekwutoziam  Ajogbe

    Ekwutoziam Ajogbe

  • Shabeena Arshad

    Shabeena Arshad

  • Ali Maclaine

    Ali Maclaine

  • Ali Maclaine

    Ali Maclaine

  • Alice Norton

    Alice Norton

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Help us reach out goal of £13,500! Why? The school underwent a much needed ICT Suite upgrade during summer 2020, transforming the children's learning environment with brand new IT equipment. We have committed to covering the lease for 3 years, and we are fundraising to support these costs. We also provide each class with £100 so that they can purchase necessary teaching materials, and we contribute to the Year 6 Leavers Book.

How? You can help by purchasing tickets for our events, volunteering, donating items for our events (eg prizes for silent auctions, raffles etc) or simply making a direct donation to the PTA. Please do reach out if you'd like to help!