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  • Leanne Crook

    Leanne Crook

  • Morna McColl

    Morna McColl

  • Lauren Wilson

    Lauren Wilson

  • Laura Hawke

    Laura Hawke

  • Sarah Worth

    Sarah Worth
    (Media Secretary)

  • Rachel Dyer

    Rachel Dyer
    (Event Coordinator)

  • Urvi Holcroft

    Urvi Holcroft
    (Event Coordinator)

  • Lina Jeffery

    Lina Jeffery
    (Event Coordinator)

  • Nikki Martindale

    Nikki Martindale
    (Event Coordinator)

  • Emma Reid

    Emma Reid
    (Event Coordinator)

  • charlotte tomkinson

    charlotte tomkinson
    (Event Coordinator)

  • Katy Lanaway

    Katy Lanaway

  • Anne-Marie Mallard

    Anne-Marie Mallard

  • Fay Meadows

    Fay Meadows

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Between September 2019 and March 2020 with your support we raised a staggering £14,000.