Spring & Summer 2019 Event Wrap Up
Spring & Summer 2019 Event Wrap Up
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The TSA finished off the 2018/19 school year with a record breaking £16,000 raised for the school!  This was broken down into:

£240 Annie Tickets

£344 Easter Scavenger Hunt

£548 Mothers Day Present Room

£443 Fathers Day Present Room

£3000 Summer Fest

£767 Dare to be Different Day (non-uniform day)

Thank you for all your support.  If you would like to get involved in helping with future events and fundraising, please drop us a message or pop along to the next meeting.



What’s on
Unfortunately we don’t have any future events planned at the moment.
Your Committee
  • Sarah Mingozzi

    Sarah Mingozzi

  • Catherine Hughes

    Catherine Hughes
    (Vice Chair)

  • Caroline Grant

    Caroline Grant

  • Jennie Harwood

    Jennie Harwood

  • Becky Bailey

    Becky Bailey

  • Rachael Bartlett

    Rachael Bartlett

  • Martin Chandler

    Martin Chandler

  • Zoe MacDonald

    Zoe MacDonald

  • Claire Pryer

    Claire Pryer

    Cash Sales Coordinator

  • Sarah Spice

    Sarah Spice

  • Lisa Tyler

    Lisa Tyler

    Mother's Day Co-ordinator


During the 2019/20 school year we have raised: