Own Clothes Day

 10/06/2016 (Fri)  08:40 - 15:40
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On Friday 10th June, TGS PTA is holding a fundraising contributions day. All students will be able to wear their own clothes in exchange for a donation of a tombola/raffle type item. This time we are looking for items to support our Summer Fair for students at lunchtime on Wednesday 13th July at school.

We are asking for new and unused quality items, make up, gift sets, jewellery, hair accessories and stationery, boxed sweets or chocolate all make brilliant donations - think prizes, something you would like to win!

If you are donating edible items, please make sure that the expiry dates are beyond the 13th July.

On the morning of Friday 10th June from 7.45am onwards PTA volunteers and TGS teaching staff will be on hand to accept contributions at the main school entrance. Students not participating should wear school uniform as usual.

All own clothes must be suitable for school, tops should not be skimpy or low cut, skirts should not be shorter than the regulation length (check your planner if you are unsure), shorts may only be worn if they are suitable for a school environment and not excessively short or tight.

Thank you, we would not be able to run these events without your continued support!

Parents, we really appreciate your generosity in offering donations, thank you! Please help us by assessing the suitability of contributions before allowing them to be brought into school. Thank you! 

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