Our New Website
Our New Website
Michaela Redford
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Michaela Redford

Welcome to our new website - the one stop shop for everythng PTA.

You will be able to look at upcoming events, buy tickets online and much more.

Save the page to your favorites so you dont miss out.

Dont forget to register to be one of the first to know about new events and when tickets go on sale.


What’s on

Summer Fayre
12:00 - 17:00
Sully School

Your Committee
  • Michaela Redford

    Michaela Redford

  • Katie Armitage

    Katie Armitage
    (Vice Chair)

  • James Redford

    James Redford

  • Karen Fletcher

    Karen Fletcher

  • Natalie  Jones

    Natalie Jones

  • Rachel Jemmett

    Rachel Jemmett

  • Vicki Judd

    Vicki Judd

  • Kelly Oakes

    Kelly Oakes


Target £10,000 this year