2020 Nativity Recording - Nursery and Year 2

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We are delighted to offer a professional recording of this year's Nativity plays for NURSERY AND YEAR 2 ONLY you to purchase.

(Note due to COVID self isolation the Reception & Year 1 will not be recorded professionally and instead a separate link will be made available from a school recording of Christmas songs - no purchase necessary)

The Year group Nativity recordings will be supplied via a unique link to your email address.  

The recording link is available by PRE-ORDER ONLY

Sales will close end of day on 11th December and you will receive your unique link by email during the last week of term.

Please note for parents/carers with more than one child in Nativity shows (e.g nursery / yr 2)

  • If you have more than one child in KS1 you will only pay for 1 link
  • Please purchase one of your child's nativity plays and indicate at checkout if you require an additional year group nativity recording link

Tickets / Products
 On sale in on 19/11/2020 at 08:30
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