Real Christmas Trees

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FSIS are pleased to offer Real Premium Christmas Trees to all parents and carers of the Children of Southwood Infant School, plus our supportive local community.

Our trees, the Nordmann Fir, are acquired wholesale from a reputable supplier and sustainably sourced from Denmark and Scotland. With good needle retention qualities, the tree will look good throughout the festivities. It has soft, deep green foliage, smooth grey bark and a good triangular shape.

As we are able to purchase wholesale and sell with a small mark-up (all profits being donated to the School*) we expect our trees will be at least 25% cheaper than you would be able to purchase from Garden Centres or other traditional outlets. Trees will be available for collection only on Saturday 11th December from the School, with exact time to be confirmed. We will contact you shortly before to confirm the collection time.

*All profits from sales will go to "The Friends of Southwood Infant School" (registered charity number: 1103531). FSIS raise money for the Southwood Infant School to spend on items that government funding doesn’t stretch too, some of which are luxuries but also necessities too.

Tickets / Products

Real Christmas Trees

 11/12/2021 (Sat)   Southwood Infant School - GU14 0NE

 Sales end in on 03/12/2021 at 16:00

Product Name Price Quantity Delete Line Price
3-4ft / (100-125cm) Super Grade
£26.00 £0.00
Collection | Available
4-5ft / (125-150cm) Super Grade
£28.00 £0.00
Collection | Available
5-6ft / (150-175cm) Premium Grade
£34.00 £0.00
Collection | Available
6-7ft / (175-200cm) Premium Grade
£40.00 £0.00
Collection | Available
7-8ft / (200-250cm) Premium Grade
£50.00 £0.00
Collection | Available
Total £0.00
 Southwood Infant School - GU14 0NE

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Real Christmas Trees
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