Second hand uniform

We have good quality second hand uniform for sale in all sizes. Please email us to see what is available.

If you would like to donate your child’s old school uniform to raise funds for the school, please leave it with the school office for us to collect.

Thank you for your support!

What’s on
Unfortunately we don’t have any future events planned at the moment.
Your Committee
  • Michelle Codling

    Michelle Codling

  • Catherine Johnson

    Catherine Johnson

    Yr 3

  • John Newton

    John Newton

  • Jo Shephard

    Jo Shephard

  • Mandy Jewkes

    Mandy Jewkes
    (Class Rep Coordinator)

    Yr 4

  • Monique Maree

    Monique Maree
    (Class Rep Coordinator)


  • Isabelle O'Sullivan

    Isabelle O'Sullivan
    (Class Rep Coordinator)

    Yr 5

  • Zsuzsi Page

    Zsuzsi Page
    (Class Rep Coordinator)

    Yr 2

  • Lena Patel

    Lena Patel
    (Class Rep Coordinator)

    Yr 1

  • Faridatu Tchagnao

    Faridatu Tchagnao
    (Class Rep Coordinator)

    Yr 6

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