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Parent Helpers
Eileen Robinson
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Eileen Robinson

Your PSA needs more volunteers

We need more parents to come forward and help us to run our events

Being a supporter of the PSA is all about building the school community through fundraising and friendship with other parents and the staff for your children's benefit. 

If you can give the PSA any of your time - from just a couple of hours to help get a small event ready; to a few hours to organise a quiz, or bar or apply for community grants, man a stall at Primary Fairs, hunt down and make up raffle prizes, get poster printing done; all the way up to being a project manager for a larger event, and lots in between. We would love to have you on board.

There just aren't enough of us. Four members of the Committee have children in Yr 13 so are more than likely to be leaving in Summer 2019. Come and give volunteering in our Team a try. 

Any time, skills, services or ideas that any parents could offer, would be very gratefully received. Thank you in advance. 

We particularly need a parent or two from  Reception, Year 1, Year 7 and Year 10  to join us as regular members at our meetings (usually one evening for 2 hours per Term  - hardly a lot to ask!) and be a link between the PSA and your child's year group.  



Your Committee
  • Clare Stokes

    Clare Stokes

  • Sarah Holzbauer

    Sarah Holzbauer
    (Vice Chair)

  • Rebecca Pirt

    Rebecca Pirt

  • Alison Mackie

    Alison Mackie


A big THANK YOU from everyone at Simon Balle All Through School for your support during 2016/17 we raised over £20,000. We have some amazing events planned for 2017/18 and need your help in achieving our goal - watch this space to find out how we are getting along.

Watch this space...

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