What we spend the money we raise on

This is where we post details of how we have spent money raised through PTA Events.

  • £19,000 School minibus
  • £2,000 Annual running costs of the minibus
  • £10,000 Year 3 lockers
  • £4,000 Willow Gazebo
  • £4,000 Books for year 6
  • £6,000 New bespoke stage for the hall
  • £750 Jeremy Strong author visting ravenscote during World Book Week
  • £15,000 Tablets for each year group
  • £10,000 Year 4 lockers
  • £6,000 Grand Piano
  • Year 4 ovens
  • Sound system for the music room
  • Sewing machines
  • £4,000 Books for the library.
  • Outdoor Climbing Wall
  • Classroom games for wet play
  • Renovation of The Nest (formerly the Cage)
  • New Netball Kit
  • Visualisers for every classroom (allows teachers to project books for group activity)
  • Pantomime for all the children
  • A storage locker for the Nest
  • The PTA will fund a tree for the friendly group which will be planted in Spring (for favourable weather reasons)
  • Continued funding for the Gardening Club of £100 term.


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