The Only Way is Olympus

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 On sale in on 28/04/2017 at 14:00
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5 in a Hat present The Only Way is Olympus

The Greek Gods are coming with passionate fury and crazy squabbles! These legendary figures of wrath, knowledge and just plain boozing are at it again, fighting back and forth. Zeus has had enough. He is punishing them all by having them walk a mile in the other’s sandals and now each god will have to learn the hard and hilarious way how it is to be the other.

This show will delight all Greek enthusiasts and amuse to no end, audiences who love surreal and insane styles of classic comedy. With a mixture of the old and new, The Only Way Is Olympus brings the Greek gods in a brand new light to people as they personally prove they are right over their siblings and try and survive a day as each other.

These colourful crazy gods will bring every ounce of their divine eccentricities forward to delight and entertain all those who love to laugh. 5 in a Hat, a comedy theatre company devoted to delivering high quality material are pleased to bring their original devised comedy show about the ancient Greek Gods.

5 in a hat are professional entertainers, each bringing their own unique style and brand of comedy. Fast, funny and slick.

 The Red House Theatre, Plymouth School of Creative Arts - PL1 3EG

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