PWS PFA's new website
PWS PFA's new website
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This website is still under construction, so please bear with us, we're getting there, however we are pleased to say that you can now purchase PFA event tickets by debit or credit card via this site, just register first and then off you go.

The starting point for creating the site was an attempt to enable parents to purchase our event tickets in a more easier and efficient way, however we have found that the site offers much more than just selling tickets and has now replaced the PFA page on the school website.

Now, you will be able to see dates and details of any up and coming fundraising events, and also if we need a bit of additional help in running those events, committee minutes, progress on fundraising, and much more.

We are still learning about what the site can do, so watch this space.

In addition, to supporting us by coming along to our events, there are many other ways to help us raise funds including:-

Easyfundraising - raise funds for the PFA whilst online shopping (see the 'partner' page for more details)

Join our 100 club - for £12 per school year you can be entered in our monthly cash prize draw (please email for further details) unfortunately, as this is a lottery type game we are currently unable to sell this directly from the site.  

Direct Donation - if you are unable to support us in other ways, why not make us a direct donation.

We are also looking for annual sponsorship for the site from local businesses, and creating a local business directory, if this is something you may be interested please see the sponsor, and business directory pages for links for further information.

Lastly, if you see that something isn't working quite right, or have any suggestions for the site or on fundraising, please email







What’s on

Tropic Skincare Christmas Shopping Event
19:00 - 22:00
Prince William School Library

Wreath Making Evening
19:00 - 22:00
Prince William School

Your Committee
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    Helen Wilson

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    Gheri AShcroft

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    Wendy Whitmee


This is how much we raised in the 202-21 academic year. (£4,984 in 2019-20) In 2021-22 we will be working hard to raise even more funds to help enrich the students of PWS's learning environment.