Mission 20 - Virtual Balloon Race

 20/09/2021 (Mon) 
Further Information

Welcome to our first Virtual Balloon Race

The Race will run from 20th - 27th September, but balloons are available to purchase up to the 20th** September, at just £3 each. You can buy as many balloons as you wish.

Watch your balloons as they wander freely during the week long race and check in on the 27th to see who the lucky winners are! Call your balloons any nickname you wish, chose your colour and any caption , then sit back and relax!

Good Luck and we hope you are one of our winners; 1st prize is an Amazon Voucher worth £50, 2nd prize is £30 cash and 3rd prize is £10.


(** Note online balloons entries must be registered by Saturday 18th 12 noon - 2 days before the race starts)

What’s on

PFC Meeting
Cedarwood Primary School - Team (Staff) Room

Giant TV & Film Music Quiz
19:00 - 22:15
Cedarwood Primary School Main Hall

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2020 was a tough year but we raised £9400 towards the school field refurbishment and provided funds for many other projects around school. This year we aim to target another £10,000 with the main focus being the school field once again.

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