Online shopper? use Give as you live
Online shopper? use Give as you live
Esther Kerkhoven
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Esther Kerkhoven

Easy way to raise money for Perdiswell while you shop online

Give as you Live is an award-winning fundraising platform that works with over 4,000+ leading online retailers so a percentage of every purchase is donated to charity, without costing the charity or the shopper a penny extra.

As a supporter you would sign up to Give as you Live and select Perdiswell PTA as your charity, then each time you shop online at supported retailers a commission is paid to Give as you Live by the retailer, which is then shared with Perdiswell Primary PTA.

Watch the video explaining how it works here -
Open an account with this link and when you reach £5 donation Give as you Live will match it. 
It couldn't be easier and it doesn't cost you a penny extra to use. Don't delay! Sign up today!
P.S. I recommend downloading the donation reminder tool, it is a great way to ensure you don't miss out on earning your donation. (Just don't forget it doesn't work with Amazon)





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