Fundraising for our NEW PLAYGROUND!

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Our main focus is to raise much needed funds for our new playground.


This was installed in the summer months of 2017 and our children are thoroughly enjoying their time on it.

We still have a long way to go in hitting our target. 

Whilst the majority of our fundraising is done through events at school, such as cake sales, quiz nights, race nights and fairs, we appreciate that not everyone can make it or wants to support this fantastic cause in that way.


If you would like to donate towards this brilliant cause, you can do so here :)


No matter how big or small, every penny counts!


Thank you

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  • Fay Tribe

    Fay Tribe

  • Anne-Marie McGillivray

    Anne-Marie McGillivray
    (Vice Chair)

    Vice Chair and Uniform Co-ordinator

  • Rita Shipley

    Rita Shipley

  • Jade Chambers

    Jade Chambers

  • Emma Barton

    Emma Barton
    (Communications Officer)

  • Kate Carr

    Kate Carr
    (Communications Officer)

    Engagement Officer

  • Kellie Davis

    Kellie Davis
    (Childrens Events Co-ordinator)

  • Kay metcalf

    Kay metcalf
    (Childrens Events Co-ordinator)

  • Vanessa Chandler

    Vanessa Chandler
    (Fete Co-ordinator)

  • Shonagh D'Sylva

    Shonagh D'Sylva
    (Fete Co-ordinator)

  • Francesca Granata-Tyler

    Francesca Granata-Tyler
    (Fete Co-ordinator)

  • Helen Gardner

    Helen Gardner

    PTA-Events Administrator

  • Hannah Walder

    Hannah Walder

    PTA-Events Administrator

  • Sarah  Campion

    Sarah Campion
    (Class Rep Coordinator)


We are raising funds for the NEW PLAYGROUND that was installed over the summer months of 2017.

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