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  • Jenna Tredwen

    Jenna Tredwen

  • Colleen Sandland

    Colleen Sandland
    (Vice Chair)

  • Stephanie Nailon

    Stephanie Nailon

  • Nancy Oats-Rossouw

    Nancy Oats-Rossouw

  • Anna Pisoni

    Anna Pisoni
    (Media Secretary)

    Facebook Administrator

  • Liz Roopanarine

    Liz Roopanarine
    (Media Secretary)

    Twitter Administrator

  • Anna Pisoni

    Anna Pisoni
    (Nearly New Uniform)

  • Janet Archbold

    Janet Archbold

  • Claire Avey

    Claire Avey
    (Class Rep Coordinator)

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All the money we raise goes directly to school to be spent for the benefit of our children.

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