March Newsletter

In this newsletter we celebrate the remarkable achievements of your collective fundriasing in 2023. There’s also more information on our new ad free plan "Plus", the brilliant addition of online raffles, QR Codes, how you can showcase your hard work and finally, say hello to Clubs Hub!

March 2024 Newsletter

Celebrating Our Collective Success in 2023

We want to start by giving every one of you a big shout-out and a huge congratulations for the hard work that was done in 2023!

Your dedication was truly remarkable. Not only did you raise over £8 million for fantastic causes, but you also achieved a significant 18% increase in fundraising alongside a 27% rise in orders, totalling an impressive 685k orders. This outstanding growth and the sheer volume of support has left us in awe. A huge congratulations and well done to everyone involved – your efforts have made a real difference. We are seriously impressed, and we want to say a massive well done.

Since we launched nearly 10 years ago, you’ve helped fundraise a whopping £30 million! That deserves a huge pat on the back for all the effort and dedication you've put in.

Our community is stronger and bigger than ever. We welcomed 40% more organisations in 2023 than in 2022. It’s clear that the word is spreading even more on how our platforms can help streamline your fundraising and events, and it's great to see so many new faces joining us and becoming even greater superhero fundraisers!

You’ve got a lot to be proud of, and there’s plenty more we can do together. We’ve listened to all your comments and ideas on how our platforms could help you even further and we have some fantastic news in 2024, introducing three super new features for you to take advantage of, along with our way of showcasing your hard work.

I would personally like to say a big thank you to all our organisations and to let you know that our team are 100% dedicated to improving your fundraising lives and reducing the time it takes you to raise even more for your causes.


David Cooke, Founder, The PTA Events group of companies

Discover the "Plus" Annual Plan – Your Path to a Streamlined Fundraising Experience

We’re excited to introduce our "Plus" annual plan, designed to take your fundraising to the next level.

We understand that external adverts can be a distraction, which is why our Plus plan offers a seamless experience with zero external adverts. This means your campaigns stay clean and focused on what's important – your cause.

Moreover, we’ve simplified the financial aspect by offering a single, all-inclusive platform fee.

With the Plus plan, you can enjoy all the benefits of our platform, enhance your fundraising efforts, and keep your audience engaged without the interruption of outside advertising. Embrace the Plus plan and enjoy a cleaner, more streamlined fundraising journey.

To "Switch" to Plus either email our team at and the team will switch you over to the new annual plan or access your dashboard where you’ll have the option to make the change.

Innovating for a Better 2024: Raffles Are Now Fully Integrated!

Exciting news for all our community champions! Raffles are now fully integrated into the PTA Events platform.

This seamless integration means that no matter which platform you're on, you can create engaging and successful automated raffle events with ease.

Creating Your Own Fully Integrated Raffle

Setting up your own raffle is now simpler than ever with our new template.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Log into your website as an administrator and select "Admin" > "Events" from the top navigation.
  • Click the "Add Event from Template" button and then select "Raffle (Online)" from the menu.
  • Fill in the details using our straightforward template.
  • Easily add in all your donated prizes.
  • Launch your raffle with ease!
  • Start fundraising now!
  • When you’re ready to run your raffle, click the "Hold Raffle" button and we’ll automatically and randomly select winning tickets and match them to your prizes.
  • We’ll also automatically email the winners with details of their prizes and further information you need to supply such as how they can collect them.

With this new feature fully streamlined into our platform, you can focus on what really matters - raising funds and uniting your community to fundraise for great causes.

Every Event, Now One Scan Away

We have launched a new feature available to all users!

With every event that is set up on the platform, a QR code is auto-generated that allows you to share information via your unique QR code for each event quickly and easily.

QR codes can be viewed by those with a smartphone and are free to all users. Easily insert this into posters, emails, texts, and photos and accelerate your fundraising with our new and easy-to-use QR code promotion service.

To access the QR code: Log in to your site as an administrator, set up your event and then select "View QR code" from your event management menu. That’s all it takes!

Why not give it a try today? Just select one of your current events or create a new one, and you’ll see your unique QR code is ready and waiting for you to use it.

Want to Showcase Your PTA’s Hard Work?

We’re on the lookout for your success stories!

Why? Because your experiences are the heartbeat of our community.

We’re on a mission to collect and celebrate the incredible achievements you’ve made using our platforms. Your stories are crucial - they’re the lifeblood of our mission, providing inspiration and showing what is possible to the entire community.

Your triumphs could be featured in our monthly "showcase" PDF, which we’ll proudly distribute across our blogs, social media, newsletters and of course send over so you can showcase to your community.

To participate in our survey, click here to get started!

So, grab your phone or video camera, and let the world know about the difference you’ve made. Your story could be the one that sparks a new idea, ignites passion, and drives success across the entire community.

Clubs Hub - We’re Expanding Our Family of Platforms

Clubs Hub is here!

In our continuous effort to support more communities, we’re delighted to welcome Clubs Hub as part of our family of support platforms. We have launched this platform to help eliminate fundraising headaches for Clubs running events and fundraising in their communities.

The free-to-use service will ease the pressure on committee members and help to boost community engagement by utilising our dynamic features.

Clubs Hub helps to make fundraising easy by offering:

  • Seamless event management
  • Effortless administration
  • Recruiting & managing of volunteers
  • Auctions
  • Raffles
  • Easy communication
  • Comprehensive reporting

If you are part of a club looking to streamline your membership activities, events and fundraising then go to and register for free today!

Are you a PTA organiser looking to streamline your event management process? Look no further than

With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, PTA Events has become the go-to time-saving platform for all PTAs across the UK.

For access to our comprehensive PTA Events Support page, please click here.

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