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 Delivered via school - 2 working days - CM13 1JW

 Sales end in on 31/12/2020 at 00:05

Product Name Price Quantity Delete Line Price
Adventure Island BLUE Wristbands
£18.00 £0.00
Adventure Island RED/GREEN Wristbands
£14.00 £0.00
Total £0.00
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  • Heidi Neale

    Heidi Neale

  • Elizabeth  Gray

    Elizabeth Gray
    (Vice Chair)

  • Caroline  Symonds

    Caroline Symonds

  • Lynsey Izatt

    Lynsey Izatt

  • Jennifer Upton

    Jennifer Upton
    (Vice Secretary)

  • Katrina Carter

    Katrina Carter

    Adventure Island & School Lottery

  • Tracey  Webb

    Tracey Webb
    (Childrens Events Co-ordinator)

    Children's School Disco

  • Chloe Barrell

    Chloe Barrell

  • Annie Bayley

    Annie Bayley
    (Class Rep Coordinator)

    Christmas Card Sales

  • Kuh Dowell

    Kuh Dowell
    (Class Rep Coordinator)

    Apple class

  • Sheryl Dyson

    Sheryl Dyson
    (Class Rep Coordinator)

    Pear & Willow Class Rep

  • Natasha  Edney

    Natasha Edney
    (Class Rep Coordinator)

    Apple class

  • Charlie Evans

    Charlie Evans
    (Class Rep Coordinator)

    Pine Class Rep

  • Melissa Goodwin

    Melissa Goodwin
    (Class Rep Coordinator)

    Pine Class Rep

  • Dan Gowland

    Dan Gowland
    (Class Rep Coordinator)

    Govenor Rep

  • Natasha  Kirk

    Natasha Kirk
    (Class Rep Coordinator)

    Beech Class Rep

  • Vicki Morris

    Vicki Morris
    (Class Rep Coordinator)

    Sycamore Class Rep

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What we have been able to pay for at 2018 AGM

Year 6 First Aid Training - £250 Pantomime coaches - £950 Laptops/Tablets - £6880 Antibullying Production - £500 Espresso Subscription (2018/2019) - £1500 Sensory Room Equipment - £300 New Hall Projector - £723 Headphones for Cherry & Pines Class - £73 Times Tables Apps for use at home and school - £87 Apps for the Infant iPads - £230 Air Servers for 10 classrooms - £80