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 13/08/2019 (Tue) 

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What’s on

Mother's Day Secrets Room 2020
Holly Lodge Primary School

Infant Film Night
16:35 - 18:45
Stratford Road , Ash Vale

Happy's Circus
14:00 - 16:00
Stratford Road, , Ash Vale

Your Committee
  • Sian Avery

    Sian Avery

  • Jessica Muirhead

    Jessica Muirhead

  • Monja Gregory

    Monja Gregory

  • Liz Smallbone

    Liz Smallbone
    (Nearly New Uniform)

  • Julie Ballard

    Julie Ballard

  • Julie Guy

    Julie Guy

  • Joanne Moyle

    Joanne Moyle

  • Alex Pownall

    Alex Pownall

  • Claire Thompson

    Claire Thompson

  • Joanna Thorne

    Joanna Thorne

  • Amy Waple

    Amy Waple

  • Ben Peace

    Ben Peace
    (Dad's Army)


This year we are aiming to raise money to further develop our outside space. Can you help us reach this target??

Can you help?

We can’t put on these amazing events without your help. If you can help us, we still need the following volunteers:

Bookfest 2020 (Thursday 05 March)

Bookfest Volunteer 16:45 - 18:15 5

Infant Film Night (Friday 24 April)

Infant Night - Lego Movie 2 Helpers 16:20 - 19:00 10

Happy's Circus (Saturday 20 June)

Happy’s Circus Helpers 13:45 - 16:15 8

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