The GSA (you lot!) raised a whopping £19,000 last year - how will it be spent?
The GSA (you lot!) raised a whopping £19,000 last year - how will it be spent?
Helen Darbyshire
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Helen Darbyshire

At the GSA AGM in September, the following items were requested by Mrs Ellwood and the School Senior Leadership Team and were approved:

Items allocated from the £19k include:

  • Outside flooring for playground apparatus
  • Replacing damaged outside apparatus
  • Music Lessons KS2
  • Teachers Wish List (£200 per class)
  • Annual Commitments eg Sports Week Inflatable, Dacroum Card etc

Items we are now fundraising for:

  • Raised Garden Beds - one per class
  • Wall Mural on playground
  • Cornet Lessons for Yr 4


  • ... if you have any suggestions on what you would like the GSA to fund next year, please let us know. 






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This is our 2019/20 EVENT TOTALISER where we will track the money raised from our school events. After each of the following events we will update this to show how much we have raised together. Pumpkin Sale, Quiz Night, Christmas Fair, Silent Auction, Discos, Film Nights, Smarties Challenge, Summer Fair and Camping. Our Events Target this year is £12,000 - lets smash it! Please note money raised outside of events eg EasyFundraising, Shopping Vouchers, 100 Club, Parent Donations, GAYE etc are not included in this total.