Welcome to FoTS!

Welcome to FoTS!


What is FoTS?

FoTS stands for 'Friends of Tavernspite School'. We are the Parent Teacher Association of the school that was first set up in 1994.


The first constitution from 1994


Why aren't you called the PTA now?

Good question. It's because we also represent anyone from the local community who wants to help the school in addition to the parents and teachers.


Who is a member of FoTS?

All Tavernspite parents and staff are members by default. If you are reading this and didn't realise - welcome!


What does FoTS do?

We do a lot of things (although this has been slightly curtained by Covid-19!). Our main aim is to 'advance our children's education'. And we do this in 3 main ways:

1. Facilitating staff-parent relationships

2. Organising activities (that build community, educate and support, and raise funds), and 

3. Funding school equipment and activities


Can you give me some examples?

Sure! We help run large school events like the Christmas Fayre, the Spring Funrun and the Summer Fete.

We organise smaller events like quizzes, raffles, non-uniform days and anything else you might think is creative and fun!

We fundraise through easyfundraising, bank matched-funding and grant applications.

And this year, we are helping fund new iPads, football goals, Early Years bikes, rebuilding the Pirate Ship and paying for the school Torch Theatre trip admission. Our target is £6240 as you can see from the 'Fundraising' section thermometer above!


What are the benefits of FoTS?

Lots! It helps the school, it helps the children and it helps you! Here are 10 reasons below:



How can I get involved?

I thought you'd never ask :) 

1. Come to our next FoTS meeting - it's a good chance to meet parents and share ideas. Toddlers welcome and tea/coffee (and, C-19 notwithstanding, biscuits) provided! We ordinarily will hold one a term so check out the 'What's On' box for the next date.

2. Volunteer - sign up to do a small project or activity. Maybe you have expertise that can offer? Check out the 'Can You Help' section or contact us with your ideas.

What’s on

Christmas Fayre
15:00 - 17:00
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FoTS Annual General Meeting
09:00 - 10:00
Tavernspite School

Your Committee
  • Jeremy Cross

    Jeremy Cross

  • Holly Foley

    Holly Foley


This year we have a total wish list to raise funds for of £6240 including:

- Torch Theatre Xmas panto £1500 - Early years bike repair/purchase new £500 - Football goals x 2 £240 - Pirate Ship rebuild £1000 ...and the big one... - iPads purchase £3000

We live in a digital world and our children need to have digital literacy skills.

The school's iPads have been a hugely successful tool in developing these skills in school. However, because they are shared with Templeton, our children get limited opportunities to use them. The school now wants to buy more so they don't have to be shared.

This is where we come in!

Our goal this year is therefore, through events and activities, both large and small, to raise £6240, of which half will go to fund the new iPads. Let's do it!

Can you help?

There are currently no tasks to volunteer for