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The St Mary's Byfleet PTA & Friends is a registered charity set up to fundraise for the benefit of the children by organising exciting events. All money raised is put towards enhancing the children's learning environment and experiences.


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What’s on

St. Marys Fireworks Display 2020
17:00 - 19:00
St Mary's Primary School, Hart Road, Byfleet

Your Committee
  • Jacquie Chambers

    Jacquie Chambers

  • Charlotte Alderson

    Charlotte Alderson

  • Leila Hallows

    Leila Hallows
    (Vice Chair)

  • Erica Hamilton

    Erica Hamilton
    (Vice Chair)

  • Jisoo Park

    Jisoo Park
    (Vice Chair)

  • Craig Waddle

    Craig Waddle

  • Helen Exley

    Helen Exley

  • Paulina Rakowska

    Paulina Rakowska
    (Vice Secretary)

  • Laura Foreman

    Laura Foreman

  • Joanne Green

    Joanne Green

  • Elizabeth Grover

    Elizabeth Grover

  • Magdalena Kratynska

    Magdalena Kratynska


We are currently raising money in order to contribute to an Outside Classroom for all the children of St Mary's to use.

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