Stikins and Stamptastic
Stikins and Stamptastic
Laura Phillips
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Laura Phillips

Reduce lost property and raise money at the same time!

The PTA are excited to announce two new initiatives to help battle the problem that school are facing with small mountains of lost property, and raise money for the PTA at no cost to you!

Stickins name labels

We have teamed up with Stikins to offer parents the opportunity to purchase quality labels for your childrens school uniform, whilst earning the school commission at the same time! This money can then be used to continue to help purchase some of the fantastic resources that benefit our childrens learning.
How it works:
Each order placed quoting the school reference number 7508 will provide the school with 30% commission. Click on the link below to place your order:

Stamptastic name stamps

Stamptastic is the fastest way to name your kids belongings. Step away from the ironing board and put that needle and thread away. Stamp instead with Stamptastic. Stamptastic’s magic ink withholds 50 washes on care labels without fading. Customise your Personalised Name Stamps online.
Earn 15% commission for your PTA when you buy any Stamptastic product, using this affiliate link,  PLUS £4.99 discount when you order the School Name Labels Deluxe Bundle, using our PTA code.
Don’t forget to use our PTA code B744PA or just click to earn commission for your PTA.




Laura Phillips
Article published by:
Laura Phillips

A huge welcome to all the new families joining in September!

Welcome to our PTA events website.  Make sure you register we us so you can purchase tickets to our fantastic events that we run throughout the year. 

If you are on Facebook, please join our group called Four Oaks Primary School PTA News & Events to be the first to hear news and announcements - don't forget to answer the questions so we can verify that you have a child at the school, otherwise your request will be rejected.

We also have a Facebook group to facilitate the buying & selling of second hand uniform Four Oaks Primary School PTA - Preloved Uniform.  You have to be a member of the main Facebook group in order to join the uniform group.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

Amazon Smile
Amazon Smile
Laura Phillips
Article published by:
Laura Phillips

We are now live on Amazon Smile!

AmazonSmile has the same products / same price / same delivery time, but every time you shop Amazon donates a small % to the school! But oh, how that small % has added up!
If you have not yet switched to using AmazonSmile to help a charity of your choosing, please do try it out & consider registering us as your chosen charity, details outlined below.
Either switch to shopping here
Or if you use the Amazon app, switch AmazonSmile to ON
When you first access Amazon Smile, you will be asked to search for your charitable organisation - enter Four Oaks Schools and then select Search. You should find Four Oaks Schools Parent Teacher Association - select this and then check the box on the next screen.
Happy shopping!



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