FOSC Pumpkin Trail October 2021

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The Friends of St Catherine's School aka FOSC have set up a little fun activity for half term.  

Sign up for your child to receive a pumpkin template and a list of locations. They can then colour and decorate it how they would like and then display it in the windows of their homes for other children to seek out over half term.

From Monday 25th until Sunday 31st October children and parents can go out during the day for a walk around the town to see how many pumpkins they can spot.  You can go out as many times as you like as there are lots to find.  If your child finds a FOSC pumpkin in a window then you can give them a treat. This could be a safe alternative to trick or treat.

We will be asking for a sign-up fee of £1.50 which include the pumpkin template and a list of locations. This will then be e mailed to you. Prizes to be won for a few pupils in each year!

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Keep an eye here to see how we are doing with raising funds for the 2021-22 school year. Our main events for fun and fundraising this term are:

Pumpkin Trail Christmas Shop - December Christmas Cards/Gifts - November/ December Christmas Bazaar - December Pancake Fun Easter Fun Mothers Day Card/ Gifts Fathers Day Card /Gifts Summer Fete Summer Raffle Summer Discos

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