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DONATIONS - Just because...

Further Information

If you would like to donate to FOSC to help us that would be fantastic. 

You simply need to fill in the amount you would like to donate - this is entirely up to you.  You also need to add QUANTITY - 1 and then go to check out 

At check out, you have the option to add voluntary fee to cover transaction charges as well as add voluntary platform fee to cover costs of using the PTA Events platform.  This is up to you. 

These are charges that FOSC usually pays on most of our products but this with donation we are giving you the option to take on this cost yourself.  

There is also an option to add GIFT AID which means we can claim an extra 25% on your donation if you are a registered UK tax payer. 

We are very grateful for any donation small or large. 

Tickets / Products
There are currently no products for sale.
 St Catherine's Primary School - SG12 0AW

What’s on

Unfortunately we don’t have any future events planned at the moment.

Your Committee
  • Ashley Manners

    Ashley Manners

  • Laura Adams

    Laura Adams
    (Vice Chair)

  • Lorna Catchpole

    Lorna Catchpole
    (Vice Chair)

  • Jessica Brown

    Jessica Brown

  • Allie Bailey

    Allie Bailey

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Keep an eye here to see how we are doing with raising funds for the 2022-23 school year.

Our main events for fun and fundraising this term are:

Film Night Quiz Night Christmas Shop Christmas Cards/Gifts Christmas Bazaar Bingo Night Easter Fun Mothers Day Card/ Gifts Fathers Day Card /Gifts Summer Fete Summer Discos

Can you help?

There are currently no tasks to volunteer for

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