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Pre-Loved Uniform Request

 31/08/2021 (Tue) 

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Uniform Request
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To place a request for uniform, please add one 'quantity' per child and enter details of uniform you need at the 'Checkout' stage.

Please note that we will endeavour to fulfil your order, however this does depend on donations we have received.

Voluntary donations for items can be paid for on collection, or online via the "one-off donation" option.

Update 19/06/20:

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Thanks to your amazing support of our recent fundraising activities, our non-committed funds are looking much healthier!
We should now be able to fund the usual, basic activities next year, but any more we can raise will help us support extra requirements and project!

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We are always in need of help, whether small or large and are so grateful. Please email  if you can spare some time. Thank you so much!