Family Disco

 19/09/2015 (Sat)  18:00 - 21:00
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 School Hall - RG42 4EW

Your Committee
  • Joanne Maher

    Joanne Maher

    and Nearly New Uniform

  • Kate Hayes

    Kate Hayes
    (Vice Chair)

    and Website Coordinator

  • Claire Turner

    Claire Turner

  • John Flynn

    John Flynn
    (Vice Treasurer)

  • Hayley Hammond

    Hayley Hammond

  • Carla Aitchison

    Carla Aitchison

  • Tania Chizlett

    Tania Chizlett

  • Eloise Enon

    Eloise Enon

  • Purveen Hira

    Purveen Hira

  • Nicola Jenkins

    Nicola Jenkins

  • Gemma Jones

    Gemma Jones

  • Craig Lidstone

    Craig Lidstone

  • Julie Nixon

    Julie Nixon

  • Stacey Omokaro

    Stacey Omokaro

  • Jackie Rawes

    Jackie Rawes

  • Kirsty Sizeland

    Kirsty Sizeland

  • Naomi Winmill

    Naomi Winmill

  • Deborah Conneely

    Deborah Conneely
    (Website Coordinator)


It's been a tough year and the school needs our help more than ever. We are hoping to help the school replace the old adventure trail, replenish reading books and provide more IT equipment so the pupils don't need to share. Thank you so much for your support!

Can you help?

We are always in need of help, whether small or large and are so grateful. Please email  if you can spare some time. Thank you so much!