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Magic show volunteers for 1st Show 06/12 16:00 - 18:30 8
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School Magic Shows

The magic shows are inventive, very visual, and there’s absolutely loads of audience participation alongside the magician’s comical conjuring shenanigans. The magician gets helpers up at every opportunity, and the whole audience is invited to help him/her in a variety of fun creative ways. The magician will amuse, amaze and astound with new funny and fresh routines.

We will have different shows for your different age groups.

The first show is for younger children (nursery to year 2) and is more of the jolly and colourful variety.

By having 2 shows we are keeping both sets of children thoroughly thrilled throughout. Please try and book accordingly.

Please note that due to Health and Safety, FOBG and Bishop Gilpin can accept no responsibility for your child(ren).

If you are booking for your child to attend this show they need to be accompanied by an adult. You are responsible for your child(ren) at all times and must buy an adult ticket to accompany them.

Ticket Price - £TBC per ticket Adult or Child

The ticket price includes a cinema style snack bag (sweets, crisps and a drink) for each child and one drink (beer, glass of prosecco or soft drink) for each adult.

Any child who is under 18 months of age does not need a ticket if they sit on adult's lap throughout the performance and they do not take a snack bag. A small number of snacks with be available to buy on the evening.


1st Show Doors open at 5.00pm. Show starts at 5.30pm and finishes at 6.30pm.

2nd Show Doors open at 6.45pm. Show starts at 7.00pm and finishes at 8.00pm.


 Bishop Gilpin School Hall - SW19 7EP

What’s on

FOBG Committee Meeting
20:00 - 21:30
Bishop Gilpin School - Staffroom

FOBG Winter Fair
12:00 - 15:00
Bishop Gilpin Primary School

Magic Shows
17:30 - 20:00
Bishop Gilpin School Hall

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    (Class Rep Coordinator)


2018-2019 Fundraising Total. We are hoping to raise another £40K in this academic year. These funds will continue to go to Bishop Gilpin's refurb of all the school toilets and a new sound proof music pod.

Can you help?

We can’t put on these amazing events without your help. If you can help us, we still need the following volunteers:

Magic Shows (Friday 06 December)

Magic show volunteers for 1st Show 16:00 - 18:30 8

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