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Spectacular science shows bring kids and science together in an unforgettable event!

Buy your tickets for one of the three 30 minute MAD SCIENCE SHOWS at the FOBG Summer Fair!

The shows will be spectacular science-themed events designed to amaze and entertain audiences.  Children and adults alike learn about science when they see foggy dry ice storms, float on a Mad Science hovercraft, watch a foam factory at work, discover Bernoulli's principle, make magic mud, alter sound waves and so much more!

Shows are suitable for all ages.  All children must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult.

 Bishop Gilpin School - SW19 7EP

What’s on

FOBG Online Summer Fair
01:00 - 22:00 on 19/07/2020

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2018-2019 Fundraising Total. We are hoping to raise another £40K in this academic year. These funds will continue to go to Bishop Gilpin's refurb of all the school toilets and a new sound proof music pod.

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