Ways to Give Financial Donations

Ways to Give Financial Donations

Direct Debit

Many parents donate their time and energy to help with fundraising events and activities but we have been approached in the past by parents who want to help but cannot become actively involved because of other commitments. They have asked if they can donate money directly (and of course you can!). Either one-off donations or via direct debit would be equally wonderful and, if you are able to Gift Aid them, then that would make it even better.

Please contact FOBG if you wish to donate in this way.

In addition you can talk to your employer about Payroll Giving and Match Funding.


Match Funding

Many companies, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, encourage staff to get involved in community projects - including School fairs, bake sales etc - by offering to match any funds they raise. This Match Funding is a really easy way to increase the revenue of FOBG events. Companies that do match funding include Barclays, Woolwich, Reuters, NatWest, BP, GSK, Royal Bank of Scotland, Shell and Sky.  So, if you work for any of these, ask your HR department what you have to do.

If you work for a company that isn't listed above it's still worth asking HR if they do Match Funding, or even if they are prepared to start doing it. And, if you know of any other companies that aren't on our list, please do let us know. In many cases to qualify for Match Funding all you have to do is help at an event in some way - perhaps working a shift on a stall or helping with the organisation of an event. The FOBG will then give you a letter for your HR department giving details of what you did and how much the stall you worked on made. They give you a form to sign and then they send the FOBG a cheque. It is simple but can make a big difference.


Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is a way for people to give regularly to charity. It allows employees, or occupational pensioners, to give money to any UK charity directly from their pay before tax is deducted. This means that it costs the donor less and charities get more.

Not every company has set up the processes to allow employees to give via Payroll Giving.  If you think you would like to support the FOBG this way you will need to contact your payroll department.

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