There's no excuse to be bored this weekend as we have lots of fun ideas for you to try.  Click on the links below to get inspired by our craft activities and unleash your creative side!

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Make walking footprints

Have a go at making these fun walking footprints and then watch them walk away!


How to make paper carnations

Find out how to make beautiful paper flowers to decorate your home or give to friends.


Make a rainbow pop up card

This fun card will put a smile on everyone's face!


Snake bubbles

Find out how to make your very own bubble machine!


Pebble pendant

Follow the instructions to make your own beautiful piece of jewellery.


Flower pressing

Enjoy a few quiet minutes learning how to make beautiful pressed flowers.  A fantastic, relaxing activity for you to try.


Origami animal envelope

Find out how to create a fun origami animal envelope.


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