Friday Bake Sales

Friday Bake Sales

The Friday Bake Sales are held on most Friday mornings to raise money for supplies in the classrooms.  Each class takes a turn to bake and sell to the rest of the school and the money they raise is given directly to their class teacher to spend on items for that class.  The sales raise approximately £2,000 per term across the school.

How is it organised?
The FOBG Committee allocates the dates for each year at the beginning of term and email those dates to Class Reps.  Volunteers are needed from each class to bake/buy sweet or savoury items and sell them.  The sales are held on a Friday morning at drop off and, if there are any cakes left over, then again at pick up. 

Useful information

  • There are tables in the Reception playground and at the front of school which can be used for the sale.
  • Reception, Years 1 & 2 - set up is usually in the Reception playground.
  • Nursery, Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 - set up is usually near the main entrance/Nursery entrance.
  • a £50 float and paper bags can be collected from the School Office prior to your sale.  Please return the float and any remaining bags to the Office after your sale.
  • once you have added up your takings, please notify the FOBG Treasurer of the total by emailing
  • the takings should be handed directly to your class Teacher.

Bake Sale pricing (a rough guide)
30p - 50p for a cup cake/biscuit
50p for a large cup cake/muffin (if it looks a bit special)
£4 for a plain cake like a banana loaf
£5 for a more ornate cake
£6+ if it looks really lovely!

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