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  • Jason Willets

    Jason Willets

  • Theresa Summerfield

    Theresa Summerfield

    "I have two boys in school, currently in years 3 & 5. As the chair, I organise our annual AGM, termly meetings for the whole PTA, and committee meetings as and when. I liaise with school and oversee the smooth running of regular events and activities."

  • Debra Balderson

    Debra Balderson
    (Vice Chair)

    I have 3 girls, one at Cotteridge, older two now at senior schools. Youngest only joined Cotteridge school in year 2 and she has loved every day! Working full-time, I feel I miss many shared school experiences with my girls, so joining the PTA is my way of becoming part of their school community and helping to raise funds to support the specific needs of our children in our school.

  • Rebecca Slee

    Rebecca Slee

    "I am Becki, I have two children at Cotteridge in Year 1 and Year 4. I joined the PTA last year as Treasurer, so I keep an eye on money going in and out of the account and arrange cash for events when it is needed."

  • Nazneen Mahmood

    Nazneen Mahmood

    "I have been an active member of the PTA since my son started reception in 2018. I am a stay at home parent and have been a parent reader and helper on school trips in early years. So I have had the pleasure of meeting some of your gorgeous kids. I absolutely love our Cotteridge community and I'm always in the playground on pick up and drop off so please say hi and feel free to ask any questions about the PTA and what we do."

  • Helen Couriel

    Helen Couriel
    (Media Secretary)

    "I am Helen Couriel, I have a child in Year 1 and in Cotteridge Preschool. I have a background in marketing and working for charities, and so I am keen to create more opportunities for fundraising for our school to enrich and enhance our children's experience."

  • Laura Denham

    Laura Denham
    (Event Coordinator)

    I have one son in year 3. Ive helped out with PTA since George was in Reception. I love the school so want to help as much as I can. My day job is in projects and events and so I'm hoping this will benefit the school

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Lets face it, this has been an odd year. Sadly, we will not be able to hold our amazing Christmas fair, just as we were not able to host our beloved Summer fair in July either. However, we are still doing well!

Since September 2020, we have raised:

- £290.50 - Non Uniform Day October 2020 - £41.01 from Stikins (clothes labels) - £632.04 from Children designed Christmas cards and gifts

So watch this space, we we have lots of fun to share despite the pandemic x

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